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At Dropbox, we’ve long believed in AI’s potential to completely transform knowledge work.

Drew Houston, co-founder and CEO of Dropbox, introduces new AI-powered product experiences with Dropbox Dash (universal search) and Dropbox AI—to help customers find focus, save time, and work more effectively.
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We're laser focused on expediting the creation and implementation of AI-enabled products by providing a comprehensive AI technology stack that facilitates speedy prototyping and reliable deployment of AI-driven functionalities. 

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Business Strategy & Ops (2)

Our Business Strategy & Operations team sets and drives key business initiatives across the company. We complement and support product, engineering, sales, and marketing teams across three critical areas: corporate and business unit strategy, business planning and sales operations, and business systems and tools development.

Finance (10)

Our Finance team builds the financial infrastructure to scale our growing company. We combine analytical and strategic thinking to develop a sound financial future for our global brand. We work closely with teams across the company, as well as with external partners.

Information Technology & Services (1)

ITS delivers business technology strategy and solutions to our Dropbox business partners so they can work confidently, move fast, and scale effortlessly. We aspire to be the connective tissue to the core business of Dropbox as a partner of choice that accelerates and simplifies outcomes. We source, build and implement the right technology solution, and fit it into exactly the right place so that everything meets the high bar that Dropboxers expect.

Legal (2)

Our Legal, Policy, Trust & Privacy teams help keep users and their stuff safe, protect Dropbox, counsel Dropboxers on challenging problems, and are always synced with the Dropbox teams they work with. We deal with novel issues every day while standing up for users and helping the company and product grow.

Marketing (4)

Our Marketing team sets product positioning and strategy, manages product launches, and gathers customer insights. We’re responsible for maximizing our products' potential, in order to delight our users and help Dropbox grow. We partner with teams across the company, including Product, Sales, and Engineering.

People (1)

The People team are ambassadors of enlightened work, delivering meaningful experiences that empower us all to do our best work.

Sales (4)

Our Sales and Channel teams share Dropbox Business with companies around the world, helping them understand the power Dropbox has to offer teams at scale. The Sales Strategy team develops insights to assess business performance, and leads initiatives to identify new sources of growth. We work closely with senior sales leaders to develop shared goals, and do the planning and execution necessary to make those goals a reality.
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Hear from our leaders in AI

What's new

Dropbox Dash (beta)

Find what you’re looking for faster, whether it’s a file, an email, a calendar entry, or the answer to a specific question. Search your apps, your browser tabs, and your content with Dash, your AI-powered universal search tool.

What's new

Dropbox Ventures

We’re investing up to $50 million across startups that are building the next generation of AI-powered apps and tools.  We’ll work closely with our portfolio companies, providing mentorship and potential exposure to over 700 million registered Dropbox users who can benefit from their product.

What's new

Dropbox AI Principles

To “be worthy of trust” has been at the center of everything we do at Dropbox, and we see this as a moment to renew our commitment to this important value. Our AI principles have been developed with this standard in mind, which will guide our teams as we develop AI products and features responsibly in the years to come. 

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