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Meet Dropbox

Designing an enlightened way of working

CEO and Co-founder of Dropbox

A note from Drew Houston

Wouldn't it be great if our working environment- and the tools we use- were designed with peoples' actual needs in mind? 
Imagine if we finished work every day knowing that what we did really mattered. This is possible, and Dropbox is connecting the dots. 
The path to englightened work is being built right here at Dropbox. 
I hope you'll join us. 

Drew Houston Drew Houston

The Dropbox Way

At Dropbox, we seek out high impact individuals who spark innovation, elevate strategy, and foster creativity. Learn about the principles behind how we hire. 

What kind of Dropboxer are you?

We love that Virtual First provides Dropboxers personal flexibility and balance, and the ability to focus on impact and effectiveness at work.

Our mission

To design a more enlightened way of working

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