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My Journey to Dropbox: Software Engineer, Helena Borak-Wejster

By Helena Borak-Wejster
Published on May 16, 2024

I have always been fascinated by technology and its power to solve real-world problems, with the potential to make a positive impact on people's lives. When learning more about a career at Dropbox, I was immediately drawn to their mission to design a more enlightened way of working. Moreover, I was inspired by the company's commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, which I knew would provide me with the opportunity to contribute my unique perspective and experiences.

Empowered at Dropbox

Among my proudest achievements at Dropbox was being selected as the Designated Responsible Individual (DRI) to lead the development of a new feature within our product. As the DRI, I was entrusted with overseeing the project from inception to completion, which entailed managing timelines, coordinating with stakeholders, and fostering collaboration among team members. This experience allowed me to showcase my technical proficiency, leadership abilities, and capacity to instigate meaningful change within the organization. It was an empowering reminder that my unique voice, experiences and viewpoints are not only valued, but also integral to the success of our team and the company as a whole.

Diverse Perspectives in Engineering

Diverse perspectives within engineering teams are essential for fostering innovation and driving positive change. By bringing together individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, we can uncover new insights, challenge assumptions, and develop creative solutions to complex problems. At Dropbox, I see firsthand how having a diverse and inclusive team has led to better decision-making, improved collaboration, and increased employee satisfaction.

Growth and Development of Women Engineers

Dropbox supports the growth and development of women engineers in Poland through various initiatives and programs. The company offers mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and training courses to help women engineers build their skills and advance their careers. Additionally, we have employee resource groups specifically for women engineers, which provide networking, mentoring, and community-building opportunities. Dropbox partners with local organizations such as Women in Tech to promote engineering as a viable and rewarding career path for women. I am thrilled to be serving as a mentor at this year's summit in Warsaw, where I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with the next generation of women engineers.

Advice for Aspiring Women Engineers

My advice to aspiring women engineers is to be confident, believe in your abilities and don't be afraid to speak up and share your ideas. Actively seek out and take advantage of leadership and visibility opportunities to demonstrate your skills and potential. Seek out mentors and allies who can support you and help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come your way.

Driving Change in Tech

Women engineers at Dropbox have the opportunity to leverage their distinctive experiences and viewpoints to drive positive change within the organization and the tech industry. By sharing our stories, insights, and expertise, we can foster a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem. Mentoring and supporting fellow women engineers and advocating for diversity and inclusion initiatives within the company ensure that women's perspectives are integrated into Dropbox's products, services, and decision-making processes.


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