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Diversity, Perspective

Why Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month is More Important Than Ever

By Daniel Su
Published on May 23, 2024

API heritage innately encompasses a rich tapestry of traditions, languages, and histories that span across the world. From cultural to language diversity, there are so many unique customs and languages that carry their own nuances and significance. There are many more elements that make up this tapestry, but Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month (APIHM) is about recognizing and honoring the diversity, resilience, and contributions of API communities while also embracing our unique identities.

Representation & Inclusion in the Workplace

I really value the Japanese Kaizen philosophy, which promotes continuous improvement. It's something Dropbox does quite a bit already, through Hack Weeks and idea incubators, but continuing to encourage a Kaizen mindset in the workplace to promote a culture of innovation, problem-solving, and efficiency keeps me motivated and connected. We should feel encouraged to contribute ideas for improvement (no idea is too small!) that could lead to incremental yet significant improvements across the company.


Education and awareness are critical in promoting API representation and inclusion across so many different areas including building allyship and creating inclusive spaces, and policy advocacy and change. 


Education, especially with such rich and multi-sided experiences across API, encourages solidarity across communities. By learning about intersecting identities and struggles across API, we can all develop more empathy, compassion, and a commitment to social justice. This also promotes inclusive environments where we can feel comfortable expressing our identities in both social and professional settings. Policy advocacy and systemic changes are informed by education, but this requires raising awareness about inequalities and disparities so we can mobilize support for policy initiatives that promote equity for API communities.

Asians@ Dropbox Community

Dropbox has shown strong support for our Asians@ ERG through a variety of initiatives aimed at fostering connection, growth, and celebration. Dropbox regularly organizes engaging events and brings in speakers to celebrate Asian cultures and identities. From in-person movie screenings of films like "Everything, Everywhere All At Once" to food-centric gatherings (my personal favorite!), and even hosting previous Top Chef contestants, these events provide opportunities to come together to enjoy cultural experiences and build community. Dropbox also prioritizes professional and career development workshops, virtual volunteer/mentorship opportunities, and meetups with other Asians in tech.


Being a part of Asians@ isn't just about shared heritage; it's about fostering a supportive community where our diverse experiences are celebrated and our voices are heard. It's about finding strength in unity and empowering each other to thrive in the workplace and beyond.


Differences make us stronger. Learn more about working at Dropbox.
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