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Get a peek inside what interning in a Virtual First workplace looks like with our 2021 class

Published on July 28, 2021
Just like so many of our other processes at Dropbox, the way we approach internships in a Virtual First (VF) world has changed too. But just because this experience looks a little different doesn’t mean that it’s any less fun, or that our interns are any less amazing. Read on for some of their experiences and tips interning from home (hint: all roads lead to sweets!)

How would you describe your VF internship experience? What did it allow you to do differently?

“The VF internship experience has been very enjoyable and fun! My team is very welcoming and other interns are very talented. There have been a lot of networking opportunities like Intern Pods, which allowed us to have a small group within all the interns.”

-Jaimie Jin, SWE Intern on Platform Frontier

“Having a VF internship allowed me to stay at home near my family and my girlfriend. I am able to maintain strong relationships with them while also being able to form awesome new bonds with my new coworkers through the internet. I think that a VF environment allows me to be in two separate worlds!”

-Samuel Liu, Android Launch Intern on Mobile Home


What’s your favorite brain food/snack?

“Dark chocolate”

-Pardhu Konakanchi, SWE Intern on API Platform

“Oat milk and yogurt”


“Chocolate and cookies”


What does your VF office set up look like?

“Training Machine Learning models from my Virtual First office in Pittsburgh, PA!”

-Marta Mendez Simon, SWE Intern on Search Platform

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