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Dropbox Emerging Talent interview FAQs


Early in career and interested in Dropbox? We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions so you know exactly what to expect during the interview process!


What can I expect for the interview? How long will it be and what types of questions will I be asked?

The interview process varies by role. Some opportunities require technical assessments, portfolio reviews, and virtual interviews with the team. Your recruiter will have more details for you on what to expect for each specific role. 


How can I best prepare for technical interviews?

Our software engineering interviews are pretty academic in nature, so you may want to brush up on data structures and algorithm development before going in. Our most successful candidates find the right blend of coding with speed and precision.

We have a highly collaborative engineering environment. Strong communication is a big plus! Be open to explaining your thought process to the engineer and ask clarifying questions when needed before jumping right into the problem.

We suggest getting as much hands-on practice as you can, especially using CoderPad, as this is what you'll use during interviews with us. Some additional online resources we recommend checking out include Topcoder, Code Forces, Leetcode, and Project Euler. Here, you can find plenty of archived problems that look similar to questions that tech companies have used in the past.


When will I hear back after the interview and learn about next steps? 

Our team works hard to get you timely decisions once they’ve been made, and we generally review candidate feedback weekly. If you would like to know a specific timeframe of when you’ll hear back, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to your recruiter!


What is my visa eligibility?

We assess visas on a case-by-case basis. Please chat with your recruiter regarding your specific visa needs. 


What is a typical “day in the life” of an intern or apprentice?

While no day is exactly the same, you can expect that the majority of your time will be spent working with your team and on your project. You’ll interact with your mentor on a daily basis and have regular 1-1s throughout the week with them and your manager. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend intern- or apprentice-specific events and workshops, as well as company-wide programs, as we help you become fully immersed into the Dropbox community!


Are these internship/ apprenticeship/ full-time opportunities remote? 

Dropbox is a Virtual First company, meaning our primary work experience is virtual. We have physical studio locations in several cities in the U.S. (San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, New York, and Washington D.C.). If you will be near a studio for the duration of your internship, you’ll have access to our studios just like any full-time Dropboxer. 

Not located near a studio? Not a problem—we pride ourselves on a thoughtful, virtual work culture and have designed our internship program to work from anywhere you are.


Do you offer fall / spring internships or co-ops?

At this time, our team runs a 12-week summer internship program for university/college students.

We also run a separate 5-month apprenticeship program that is geared towards individuals with non-traditional schooling/training (bootcamp grads, self-taught professionals, veterans, career-changers, etc.) who don’t have previous internship or full-time experience in the field and industry. This program runs twice a year (April-August and September-January), and applicants must be available to start full-time employment if extended an offer upon completion of the program.


I have a specific question, who should I can connect with?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Recruiter or Talent Coordinator with any additional questions!  


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